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The Alabama Department of Transportation, or ALDOT, is "enriching lives in Alabama through excellence in transportation". Since ALDOT plays a
tremendous role in how the Eastern bypass plan is formulated and implemented, we thought a little background on ALDOT might be helpful. They maintain a specific page devoted to the Eastern Bypass. In their words:

This Web page provides information about the Alabama Department of Transportation’s project to build a Tuscaloosa Bypass in Tuscaloosa County.  The proposed project will consist of a denied access four-lane divided highway to connect US-82 on the north side of the Warrior River to I-20/I-59.

Apart from the map to the right, the only other information on this page includes dates for a December 2011 public forum, which has long since passed. It is clear that keeping the public informed is a high priority for ALDOT.

Though this information might be dated (from Dec. 2011, access screenshot below), if you'd like to make comments on the bypass, the following instructions are given:

Written comments may also be submitted by completing the comment sheet during the meeting, submitting comment sheet/comments by mail, delivering comments to the ALDOT Fifth Division address below, faxing comments to the ALDOT number below, and by e-mail to which will become part of the public record.

Anyone needing further information before, or after, the meeting may contact:

Ms. L. Dee Rowe, Division Engineer
Alabama Department of Transportation
P. O. Box 70070
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407-0070
Phone: (205) 553-7030
Fax: (205) 556-0900

We are looking forward to learning more from the public record, as well as discovering when this record will be made public to the public online. 

According to this document from the Alabama Road Builders Association (ARBA), there are several companies which receive regular grants, or "awards", from ALDOT to construct roads and various transportation implements. Notably, the only award for Tuscaloosa County issued in January of the new year went to ST Bunn Construction Company, Inc. HRRR-6305(200).

Learn more about the specifics of ALDOT's planning for Tuscaloosa by reading their Five Year Plan for Tuscaloosa County.
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