Watershed, Creek, & Relevant County Maps

Links to GIS maps will include instructions on the source page for how to read these maps. For several of the mappers, you will need to use the USGS Hurricane Creek Watershed address HUC 03160112-120.

Hurricane Creek Watershed Relief Map (created by Anne Wynn, GSA)

Hurricane Creek Watershed Map (includes roads and tributaries)

Wetlands Mapper (US Fish & Wildlife Services National Wetlands Inventory)

Tuscaloosa GIS Map which you can use to find features and details

Hurricane Creek topo map (EPA MyWaters Mapper)

GIS maps (Alabama Oil and Gas Board)

Soil erodibility map,Tuscaloosa County, circa 2008

Land capability classifications, Tuscaloosa County, 2008

Prime farmland map, Tuscaloosa County, 2008

FOHC Creek Cleanup Map (the easiest way to get to Watson's Bend)

For maps of the Eastern Bypass project in relation to the watershed, visit the Bypass Info Hub.

Recreational & Historical Maps

Geocaching Hurricane Creek area map

Historical maps of Tuscaloosa County

The Google Map Project

If you have a map of the creek or would like to add places to our interactive google map, send an email to lifeathurricanecreek (at) gmail.com and let us know.