Watersheds & Water Conservation
Protecting your local watersheds is one way to ensure future supplies of one of nature's most important resources. There are many other ways to be water-wise-- to use water in a way that acknowledges its importance and ensures that it will exist for our planet's future residents. 

Did you know that you can harvest rainwater and use it to water your garden? By harvesting rain water, you take advantage of a renewable natural resource and save money on your monthly water bills. You also help prevent stormwater surges in your neighborhood. Here is the how-to from our friends at the Alabama Environmental Council:


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Learn about watersheds with the EPA's Watershed Central Wiki, an ongoing effort to tap local knowledge about watershed and waterkeeper practices.

Learn about the effects of coal mining on the Hurricane Creek watershed and water quality.

Learn about ecological alternatives to our state's water use policies from the Alabama Water Agenda brochure.

Learn how to report pollution to our state environmental management agency from the Alabama Rivers Alliance brochure.