Recent revolutions in technology and decentralized information-gathering have created new opportunities for community members to engage in scientific observation and research. 

This article from Nature magazine is a great place to start in understanding how citizen science is changing our landscape as well as our learning habits. The Great Backyard Bird Count stands as an excellent example of effective citizen science.
In a BBC Radio series, Sue Nelson enters the world of the amateur scientist and discovers the hidden army of willing helpers to the scientific community. Listen and learn about how citizen science is facilitating breakthroughs in science.

The Hurricane Creek watershed is an fantastic area for citizen science. Educators, parents, families, students, and anyone looking to enjoy healthy time outdoors can apply the following citizen science opportunities at the creek. We'll try to share a new citizen science opportunity which you can apply at the creek watershed every month.

This month, our favorite is Project NOAH, a tool to explore and 
document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. Help the wild "citizens" of Hurricane Creek become "networked citizens". Contributors earn digital "patches" based on contributions. 

You can help the Friends of Hurricane Creek create a catalogue of all the plants, animals, and wildlife which make their home in the watershed area. Join the Life at Hurricane Creek Mission at Project Noah and turn your visit into a citizen science project!