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Hurricane Creek is a natural resource that belongs to our community. Every moment you spend at the creek provides an opportunity to learn and share your knowledge with others. One of FOHC's goals is to encourage, facilitate, and sponsor educational programs about the creek, local ecology, and watersheds so that ALL our community members can enjoy the natural world and reap the mental, physical, and psychological benefits of an ongoing relationship with their local ecosystem.

Learn about the many forms of life at Hurricane Creek, including plants, fish, trees, mammals, lichen, amphibians, and other cool creatures.

Learn about the prehistory of Hurricane Creek and what its rocks and stones reveal about its past.

Learn about the history of the creek and its role for various groups and families over time.

Learn about the Hurricane Creek watershed and its five major tributaries. Gain an understanding of how the creek serves our community as a natural resource.

Learn about how the volume of water in the stream changes over time and due to seasonal differences. Discover how to read the weather from the banks of the stream.

Learn about the topography and area around Hurricane Creek.
Learn about how the Clean Water Act applies in your local watershed with this free online course from the awesome Rivers Network. Because you can never be too wise about water.

Enjoy our new podcast series which illuminates the interstices between local ecology and local history.

Young FriendsĀ of Hurricane Creek provides opportunities for younger members of our community to explore, learn, play, and develop an ongoing relationship with their local ecosystems. Because kids make the best friends.

Share your creek-inspired writing.

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