The 2012 Creekstravaganza at Kentuck Art Center.

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The Creekstravaganza and Creek Wood Art Contest and Exhibit brought together local artists, students, and creek lovers to celebrate Hurricane Creek and those members of the community who love it and wish to preserve it for future generations. John Earl and John Wathen worked together to document this event with photographs so we can share it with others.

by Maurice Clabaugh

        The first place winner in the adult category has been accepted as a permanent exhibit at the Tuscaloosa City Hall as a memorial to the victims of the April 2011 tornadoes and a symbol of hope for rebuilding our future. 
        Maurice presented his art piece to the Tuscaloosa City Council on the first Tuesday of October. Everyone was visibly impressed, and we were proud to give back to the community in which we find our roots.

The winners of the Creek Wood Art Contest & Exhibit are as follows:

1st Prize
"Ironwood Blossom" by Maurice Clabaugh
2nd Prize
"Remembrance" by John Steven Kirkpatrick
3rd Prize
"Hippo" by Tyler Aldijaini

"Remembrance" by John Steven Kirkpatrick

"Reoccupy Tree" by 4th Grade Class
of Holy Spirit School

Special recognition from the judges is awarded to Louise Whiting of Holy Spirit School for her wood-burning piece, Amor es caecus.

Keith Summerford and Tricia Schuster were also honored for their efforts to share the value of local ecology and natural resources with their students. See more photos from the 2012 Creekstravaganza, our first sustainable event and a truly special evening honoring local artists and the creek.

1st Prize
"Reoccupy Tree" by Holy Spirit 4th Grade
2nd Prize
Holy Spirit 3rd Grade
3rd Prize
Holy Spirit 5th Grade

1st Prize
Holy Spirit 6th  Grade
2nd Prize
Holy Spirit 8th  Grade
3rd Prize
Holy Spirit 7th Grade

 "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."
John Muir

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Drop by the Tuscaloosa location of Alabama Outdoors and purchase a Clabaugh piece from the Hurricane Creek Collection as a fundraiser for FOHC.