As the official Hurricane Creekkeeper and an active member of the national Waterkeeper Alliance, John Wathen patrols the watershed and collects evidence and information about the water quality. He is a tireless advocate for Hurricane Creek and heads up the investigations and enforcement division of the FOHC. John also oversees management of the watershed and works with the Waterkeeper Alliance to protect, preserve, and restore the Hurricane Creek watershed. If there a person who knows the watershed deeply and intimately, that person is John Wathen. We are honored to call him our Creekkeeper. Learn more from our recent profile of JohnVisit the Waterkeeper Alliance website. Watch him describe the "death of a mountain".

ENFORCEMENT LIBRARY A collection of the Creekkeeper's enforcement actions and concerns over the years.

Creekkeeper's Videos

Canoe with John down Hurricane Creek as he describes the local ecosystem and watershed in this video. You can watch more videos from John at the Hurricane Creekkeeper's YouTube Channel.

Creekkeeper's Photo Galleries

John attended the Citizen's Coal Council SMCRA Training, a workshop for lawyers to teach the legal in's and out's of the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation.

The Tornado and Aftermath Gallery

2011 Waterkkeeper Alliance Conference Gallery