Creek Writing & Poetry

    Many people have mentioned the poems, journal entries, essays, or otherwise creative writings endeavors inspired by Hurricane Creek. We wouldn't be true friends to our stream if we failed to collect these treasures which evoke the
more complicated attachments between human beings and the natural world.
    To paraphrase Rachel Carson in her book, The Sea Around Us, if there is poetry on this website, it is not because we deliberately put it there but because no one could writing truthfully about Hurricane Creek and leave out the poetry.
    Our thanks to Adam Seale who first reminded us that poetry tells the truth about nature and its meaning just as effectively as an equation. Learning to think like a creek, to be conscious of the intricate webs involved in a local ecosystem, may require us to feel like a creek, to extend our imaginations outside our own experience and into the wild.
Hurricane Creek Poetry
"Jordan River" is a poem by TJ Lawson shot live at Hurricane Creek. 
A poem in prose
by Leah Alford

Creek and Stream Poetry by Well-Known Poets
A Walk to Carter's Lake by David Bottoms
Earth Voices by Bliss Carman
Ephemeroptera by Miriam Vermilya
[morning green through ivy] by Dan Beachy-Quick
Oh Lovely Rock by Robinson Jeffers
Piute Creek by Gary Snyder
Riprap by Gary Snyder
The Dragonfly by Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Rhodora by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tuscaloosa Water and Sewer Poem by Juan Carlos Reyes
Water by Suzanne Rosenblatt (with audio)