Be Part of A Community-Created Field Guide to the  Hurricane Creek Watershed

    A field guide is a document or collection listing species located in a particular area. It is used to help identify the local species you might encounter in this area (a.k.a. "the field").  
    The Community-Created Field Guide to Hurricane Creek Watershed will include fascinating biological and ecological information and be freely available to the public online. Participants will help to survey "the field" and provide data, descriptions, information, sketches, and observations about:
  • Plants and trees
  • Aquatic life and land-based wildlife
  • Mosses, algae, and lichens
  • Stream topography
  • Areas where erosion might be occuring
  • Times of the year when wildflowers and flowering trees bloom
  • Specific details about species behavior under observation
  • Possible food webs
  • Possible endangered species
  • Existence of stream cover and canopy
  • Much, much more
    Survey forms vary according to age and expertise, but ALL SURVEY FORMS are included and equally-valued in this guide. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following form. There is no cost for participation and we welcome everyone to get involved in this community-building, ecology-loving experiment.

Species Identification

    Members of our Scientific Advisory Board can assist you with identifying various plant, insect, animal, fungi, and aquatic species you may find along the creek. Please send an email with an image and and additional comments to the Board member that seems best suited to assist you.
    You can also use Discovering Alabama's Ask the Expert feature. Happy hunting.