100 Ways Anyone Can Be A Friend
This list is a work-in-progress and we would love to hear from you on how best to be a friend to Hurricane Creek.

1. Get your Local Meteorologists involved in National Water Quality Monitoring Day Activities. Here's how.

2. Get certified under the EPA's online Watershed Academy to protect, preserve, and enjoy your watershed. Details here.

3. Help FOHC continue its mission by giving the gift of creek to friends and family members on their birthdays or special holidays. Like this.

4. Become a member of FOHC. Like this.

5. Write a song about the creek and share it with us so we can share it with all creek-lovers on the web. Email it to lifeathurricanecreek@gmail.com.

6. Attend the Hurricane Creek Annual Cleanup. Details here.

7. Host an educational fundraiser about the creek at your home, church, nonprofit, or school. Here's how.

8. Participate in the Life at Hurricane Creek Project and help us make an inventory of the wildlife at the creek. Right here.

9. Buy reclaimed wood from Watson's Bend and use it for your building needs.

10. Report environmental damage to the creek. Like this.

11. Spend an afternoon helping the Hurricane Creekkeeper monitor the watershed. Contact John.

12. Donate materials on the FOHC wishlist. Right here.

13. Those with mapping skills can help us use Google Maps to create an ongoing, interactive public map outlining details and pollution points in the watershed. Like this.

14. Ask PARA to allow community members to donate to an earmarked category for Hurricane Creek Park. Like this.

15. Earn the Water Drop Patch Girl Scout badge at Hurricane Creek. Here's how.

16. Get involved in the Bypass campaign to ensure that the Eastern Bypass which gets built is the best bypass for all members and life in our community.

17. Learn how to use bioindicators to measure water quality. Then try it at the creek.

18. Participate in the World Wide Water Monitoring Challenge using the water at Hurricane Creek.

19. Start a Sierra Club BBTO group near the creek to learn how kids benefit from outdoor classrooms.

20. Plant a geocache at the creek. Like this.

21. Encourage teachers and educators to join the FOHC Educators Alliance. It's a free network of local educators who believe field learning and place-based learning offer longterm benefits to children and students. Right here.

22. Meet our board members.

23. Host a birthday party or celebration at Hurricane Creek Park. FOHC members can also use Watson's Bend Campground for an event location.

24. Be a facebook friend. Like our FOHC Facebook page.

25. Send a letter to ALDOT expressing your thoughts and concerns about the impact of the Eastern Bypass on Hurricane Creek and the residents of Holt. Like this.

26. Use reclaimed creek wood to create a little library for a local school or community center. Plans and how-to right here.

27. If you own property along the stream, take an hour to conduct a habitat assessment of your property. Fill out this Citizen's Quality Habitat Evaluation Index  and email a copy of the completed form to lifeathurricanecreek@gmail.com or mail a copy to our mailing address. For additional instructions on how to provide data for this non-technical survey, see this description.

28. Read "Silent Streams", a powerful article published in the Washington Post which describes the cumulative impact of ignoring local streams and watersheds. Share it with friends and family.

29. Write a letter to Mayor Walt Maddox requesting more transparency in the transportation planning process. Here's how.

30. Sign our ongoing petition about the backwards Eastern Bypass Project.

31. Join our email list.

32. Share your creek-inspired creative writing. Right here.

33. Sign up to participate in the making of our Community-Created Field Guide.

34. Share The Creek Conversations podcast series with friends and family. Just burn a CD and leave it in their car as a surprise.

35. Learn about the effects of coal mining on Hurricane Creek and its tributaries.

36. Share your photos of fish and aquatic creatures at Hurricane Creek so we can add them to our Life at Hurricane Creek gallery.

37. Become a Hurricane Creek Trailblazer by blazing a trail through the Park.

38. Or become a 5 Senses Trailblazer by hiking the 5 Senses Trail.

39. Agree to head a standing committee for FOHC.

40. Patrol the watershed.

41. Share your old photos from along the creek for the Friends of Hurricane Creek exhibit in the Tuscaloosa Area Virtual Museum.

42. Convince your friends and neighbors to sign our petition to re-route the Eastern Bypass around Hurricane Creek Park.

43. Ask your favorite local business to become a corporate sponsor.

44. Take people down to the creek anytime. Help create relationships with local ecosystems.

45. Donate money to help PARA make Hurricane Creek Park a true natural respite for the community.