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Over the years the creek has seen some serious abuse.

It's time for the Friends of Hurricane Creek annual creek cleanup. This year on April 08th we celebrate 24 years of friendship, networking, good fellowship, and the fun of cleaning up the creek for future generations to enjoy. Please consider making it a day for your family to come visit with us.

Here's where we will gather at 08:30 and depart from there.

Interactive Map

Below are some scenes from last year. Don't let this years photo be taken

without YOU!

It gets better every year! Due to the efforts of Friends of Hurricane Creek and the thousands of citizens who have supported us over the years it is much better now. We must remain vigilant to keep it clean so please consider visiting us on April 08, 2017 for the 24th annual Hurricane Creek Cleanup.

What insects tell us about Hurricane Creek

With the assistance of a special viewer, you can see a magnified version of benthic macroinvertebrates found at Hurricane Creek. 
Can you tell the critter from the pebbles?

At this year's Friends of Hurricane Creek Annual Cleanup, children conducted a stream survey along Hurricane Creek Park for local benthic macroinvertebrates. They learned how to identify microorganisms and read data about the stream's health by the presence or absence of specific species.

Young and old alike explored the secret 
underwater life of Hurricane Creek. 

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